OCSE Federal Parent Locator Service Federal Case Registry

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H-41 Chart H-11: NDNH Locate/Proactive Match Response Record ... This appendix shows the output records created and returned by the Federal Case Registry (FCR)

APPLICATION FOR STATE PARENT LOCATOR SERVICE . The Office of the Attorney General provides this service to locate the missing parent (non-custodial parent or alleged ...

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Title: Federal Anti-Kickback Statute Parent Documents: ... Policy Procedure Standard ... Agent: Any Employee or ...

Federal Supply Service Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List Utilis USA, LLC 36 Tupelo Ave. SE ... Utilis USA TM60 Tall external solar shade is used to

the Vermont Advance Directive Registry for scanning and storage. Instead, this Locator Form identifies the location(s) of where the advance directive can be found.

CG Docket No. 02-278 DECLARATORY RULING ... Today, we confirm that ... CC Docket No. 92-90, Report and Order, 7 FCC Rcd 8752, 8769,

November 23, 2016, MB Docket 16-217. 3947 U.S.C. § 310(b). 4047 U.S.C. § 310(b)(4). 41. Federal Communications Commission DA 17-4. Federal Communications Commission ...

FEDERAL DISABILITY ASSISTANCE Stronger Federal Oversight Could Help ... Appendix V GAO Contact and Staff Acknowledgments 43 Page i GAO-07-236 Federal Disability ...

Federal Data Services Hub (Federal DSH) Account Transfer (AT) Business Service Definition (BSD) Contract Number HHSM-500-2007-00024I . Task Order No: HHSM-500-T0007

Federal Data Services Hub (Federal DSH) Release 11, Sprint 31 Account Transfer (AT) Service Release Notes - Updated . Contract Number: HHSM-500-2007-00024I

Federal Communications Commission DA 14-777 3 further request for extension of time in which it details, with specificity, the work conducted to date, the

3. Princípios ... Tratado de direito penal: parte geral - Vol. 1. 2. ed. São Paulo: Saraiva, 2015. BOBBIO ... MASSON, Cleber. Direito penal esquematizado. Vol. 3.

CLASSIFICAÇÃO DOS CANDIDATOS APROVADOS O Departamento de Desenvolvimento de Pessoas ... Regime de Trabalho: Dedicação Exclusiva/DE Lista ... 28 de junho de 2013.

Code of Federal Regulations: PASRR 42 CFR 483 Subpart C 2 Incorporation of the 1987 edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental

Federal Communications Commission FCC 16-12 ... GN Docket No. 12-268 ... et al. v. FCC, 789 F.3d 165(D.C. Cir. 2015) (Incentive Auction R&O).

FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION 1 BUTNER, ... prison, and hopefully assist ... They hold major responsibilities for the security, ...

Federal Communications Commission DA 09-94 Before the Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C. 20554 ... File No. EB-07-SE-351 (filed Nov. 14, 2008) (“Cox

Federal Communications Commission DA 15-511 Beforethe Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C. 20554 In the Matter of Applications of Comcast Corp. and

Federal Communications Commission DA 16-344 Before the ... WC Docket Nos. 07-149, 09-109, CC Docket 95-116, Order, 30 FCC Rcd 3082 (LNPA Selection Order).

Nos. 07-149 and 09-109, CC Docket No. 95-116, Attachs. (filed Apr. 25, 2016). Federal Communications Commission FCC 16-93 2 II. BACKGROUND 2.

Federal Communications Commission DA 14-1004 Before the ... Globaltimely submitted anOppositionto Mr. and Mrs. Fossett’s Requeston November 5, 2012.

19MRA Comments on RTI Petition at 6; Ex Parte Letter from Lisa Kaseser, Director, ... Secretary, FCC, CG Docket No. 02-278, at 2 (filed Oct. 19, 2015).

FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION DA 01-2773 2 locations authorized by the Commission’s rules.3 However, as explained in the NAL, it also appeared that

Federal Communications Commission DA 16-1145 Before the Federal Communications Commission Washington, D.C. 20554 In the Matter of Access Charge Tariff Filings Introducing

products used for our licensed radio services ... 1 See Amendment of Parts 0, 1, 2, and 15 of the Commission’s Rules regarding Authorization of Radiofrequency

Federal Communications Commission FCC 15-3 Before the Federal Communications Commission ... MB Docket No. 05-311 ORDER ON RECONSIDERATION Adopted: January 20, ...

Federal Communications Commission DA 15-1311 4 RTT Transition Waiver Orderwith respect to AT&T will be applied to waivers granted to other parties.22

SERVIÇO PÚBLICO FEDERAL UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE GOIÁS REGIONAL JATAÍ Telefone: (64) 3606-8254 e-mail: graduacaojatai@gmail.com Rodovia BR 364 – Km 192, Parque ...

Federal Communications Commission FCC 13-147 ... 2473-2483.5 MHz, ... The Globalstar Petition was placed on Public Notice on November 30, 2012.15 The

The Joint Petitioners are Alcatel-Lucent, American Petroleum Institute, Cambium Networks, LTD., Fastback Networks, ... 29 FCC Rcd 4127 (2014) (First R&O).

Contabilidade Gerencial e Conceitos de Custos Método de Custeio por Ordem de Produção Método de Custeio por Processo 16 0 4 II Custeio por Absorção Custeio ...

Federal Communications Commission FCC 15-30 2 only if the cable system is notsubject to effective competition.2 As a result, where effectivecompetition

14 SeeDeclaratory Ruling, 25 FCC Rcd at 13649, para. 6; NECA 2009 Comments at 10; SIC 2009 Comments at 7. 15 SIC 2009 Comments at 7-8. 16 Declaratory Ruling, ...